Community engagement makes schools great.
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Vote Sharon Abramowitz for Brookline School Committee

Vote on Tuesday May 7, 2019!

Sharon Abramowitz is a progressive candidate representing the students, parents, and educators of brookline.

Help Sharon win!

Learn more about Sharon Abramowitz here.

Sharon believes that: 

  • Safe schools have parents in them. 

  • The School Committee must be a transparent and democratically engaged participant in our community. 

  • Educators must have the time, support, and freedom to do their best work with children, which includes less testing and more learning. 

  • We must have an open negotiation process with access for BEU silent representatives and all members of the School Committee. 

  • Special needs inclusion requires that schools have the space, staffing, and support they need to teach all children. 

  • Our paraprofessionals must earn a livable wage. 

  • We must have green schools that teach our children to be good stewards of the future. 

  • We must vote YES on the override to address enrollment issues across Brookline. 

  • Racial justice and equity must be a priority, and we must support all students and work to eliminate system-wide structural racism. 

  • Brookline Schools must evolve to meet the needs of working families. 

  • Brookline must promote a comprehensive curriculum that cultivates a joy of learning. 

Sharon supports YES for Brookline